Automated material handling for a more efficient process

The automated handling solutions offered by CLS iMation are flexible, modular and guarantee increased efficiency of intralogistics.

Automated machinery can meet the requirements of industries that demand increasing levels of customisation. Assembly lines are becoming more interconnected and there is a need for flexible, automatic handling solutions that go beyond simple repetitive handling, enabling multiple workstations and production steps to be served simultaneously. Large-scale customisation also requires production lines that can be quickly adapted to changes in configuration dictated by market demands. It is necessary that automatic machinery can be quickly reprogrammed and assigned with new tasks.


CLS iMation offers full synergy of comprehensive consulting services and high-value solutions supplied in collaboration with outstanding partners, guiding customers step by step through the development of new capabilities with implementation of modular, flexible and customizable automated material handling systems for every warehousing need.

AGVs, Mouse and Tractor units: Automated Guided Vehicles for material handling

favicon cls Driverless carts using magnetic or mapping systems (SLAM)

favicon cls Mouse: with towing power of up to 3000 kg, this is a small vehicle capable of moving underneath carts or racking and moving them.

favicon cls Tractor: with a towing power of up to 6000 kg, this is the ideal solution to automate transportation of heavy loads.

LGV ready 1024x683 1

LGV: Laser Guided Vehicle

favicon cls Carts which provide complete end-of-line automation and are ideal for handling heavy loads in high and narrow aisles.

favicon cls They are equipped with forks for individual or double pallets that can be lifted up to a height of 10 metres.

favicon cls They can also be equipped with clamps for reels or rollers for handling pallet loads. .

Advanced material handling automation solutions

Excellent design and a comprehensive range of innovative solutions, but also installation, integration with other company IT systems, and complete training and support:


These are the features that distinguish the CLS business unit dedicated to innovative solutions for automated material handling.



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