Highly-advanced automated solutions for achieving the best results with production and logistic processes; flexible projects that can easily adapt to constantly developing work environments.

The CLS iMation mission

CLS, which boasts nearly 70 years of experience in the rental, sale and service of reach stackers and material handling trucks, set up a new business unit in 2019 dedicated to the logistics automation and digitalisation of processes: CLS iMation.

CLS iMation is the company’s innovative imprint and consists of a pool of young engineers with a high-level academic background, who adopt a consulting approach in helping customers to explore new horizons through the implementation of cutting-edge automated logistic systems.

We rely on solid partners to always propose the most suitable solution for responding to the manifold requirements of process and logistics optimisation.

Why automate?

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Automating processes means improving their efficiency and reducing human error, thus freeing personnel from tedious and repetitive tasks so that resourcescan be employed in higher value-added activities.

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Automation guarantees the raising of production standards.

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The machines can be used for operations that could be dangerous to human beings. Moreover, any activity can be traced and associated with the various operators.

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The machines run at constant speed without interruptions on multiple shifts, reducing the cycle times.

The phases of the logistics automation project



There are no standard processes and, consequently, no uniform solutions.
The logistic automation process is first studied by trying to gather as much information as possible from the customer.
The feasibility study is a document that includes a preliminary analysis for the introduction of automated logistics system and equipment in the Customer’s production plant.

The solutions proposed by CLS iMation are modular and versatile.
The detailed analysis is a document where the elements emerging from the feasibility study are more deeply analysed. It is a comprehensive document enabling the Customer to understand the tangible benefits offered by the implementation of an automated logistic system.





CLS iMation oversees the commissioning of the automatic machine with short installation times.
The commissioning phase ends with the Site Acceptance Test: the entire automated logistic system installed is tested at the customer to verify the correctness of the flows, the interaction with any other systems and the conformity to the agreed project.

The final phase, which cannot be neglected in any way, is employee training.
The machines have a user-friendly interface; in addition, brief training sessions will be arranged to instruct employees on their functions.



Logistic automation solutions

CLS has always chosen solid and reliable partners for guaranteeing the highest
possible quality standards.
CLS commercialises technologically advanced devices enabling customers to make
flexible, modular, simple, reusable investments with a rapid return.

This is why CLS iMation is a competitive logistics automation company and a leading reality in the field.

Soluzioni intelligenti 1

Intelligent solutions

The Agilox system represents a new generation of vehicles for horizontal goods transport. Decision-making autonomy and sharing of knowledge among machines of the fleet make this system unique among its kind.

LGV ready

LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle)

An ideal solution for handling heavy loads in tall and narrow lanes. The machine can be equipped with special equipment depending on the load to be handled.

Applicazioni Robotiche ready

Robotic applications

Lightweight, flexible and compact robotic arms conforming to the relevant safety standards that ensure man-machine integration and collaboration, in addition to improved productivity levels.

Magazzino Automatico 1

Automatic warehouses

Automatic storage systems for pallets.Warehouse automation solution designed fromthe ground up with flexibility and modularity

Mouser Trattorini ready

AGV Mouse and Tractor

Small-size vehicles capable of moving beneath stackers and scaffolding on wheelsor tractors capable of towing trains of stackers weighing up to 6,000 kg. One-way or multi-directional models are available.

Soluzioni iDAC

IDAC System

CLS Advanced Digital Integration System (iDAC) is an innovative data transmission system that ensures a tangible connection between machines in logistics or production processes.


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