What is advanced logistics?

Advanced logistics refers to a set of processes, services and technologies aimed at adding value to traditional logistics flows. While standard logistics involves ordinary storage, warehouse handling and transport, advanced logistics solutions aim to provide an effective response to the growing demands of Industry 4.0:

  • greater level of automation and digitalisation
  • integration between handling/production systems and IT/management systems
  • streamlined processing
  • accelerated work
  • increased productivity and levels of workplace health and safety
  • reduced errors and risks.

Based on any application requirements, CLS iMation offers customers a series of high-performance innovative advanced logistics solutions to achieve these goals:

  • smart vehicles for shuttle automation
  • collaborative robots for picking automation
  • AGVs and LGVs capable of manoeuvring in tight spaces and reaching high areas.

Advanced logistics services

Each production facility has its own context, with specific characteristics, features and requirements. On this basis, in order to adopt the right solutions, it is key to first analyse specific requirements and select the services and resources that will make the difference.

CLS iMation offers versatile and modular advanced logistics solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses.


CLS iMation automatic machines, in addition to being at the technological forefront, have very quick installation and commissioning times, including a customer testing phase. Testing makes it possible to check that workflows and integration with existing systems are also optimised. Finally, there is a tailored training phase for employees.

Smart advanced logistics solutions

To improve logistics and intralogistics performance, CLS iMation offers highly flexible and innovative advanced logistics systems and solutions:


  • AGV, Mouse and Tractor units: the former are driverless vehicles using magnetic or mapping systems, equipped with remote control technology and a peripheral device capable of detecting current position and transmitting the relevant data. AGVs move by following special markers positioned on the ground or using lasers and reflectors. A “Mouse” is a small vehicle designed to move underneath carts or racking in order to lift and move them (towing power: 3000 kg), while Tractors are designed for heavy loads (up to 6000 kg)
  • LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles): a sub-category of AGVs with a laser-scanner guide system. These are an ideal solution for handling heavy loads in tall and narrow aisles
  • robotic applications: industrial robots suitable for various contexts, based on the type of loads to handle, the work areas and the level of automation required (collaborative or industrial robots)
  • automatic warehouses: storage systems that can be adapted based on quantity, type of goods and order-processing methods
  • iDAC system: enables full integration of machinery with the entire fleet of traditional and automated vehicles. This can be managed remotely and is essential to control and optimise all operational flows.
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CLS iMation and advanced logistics services

For detailed information about all of the advanced logistics services offered by CLS iMation, to develop a customised automation plan and to receive further information on the most appropriate solutions for optimisation of production and logistics projects, use the contact form below.


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