Why invest in an automatic storage solution?

In all goods sectors, from food & drink to chemicals, plastics to packaging and pharma to mechanics, storage methods are a key process component. In a raw-materials warehouse, it is necessary that the quantities of handled goods are proportional to production needs, so as to avoid the accumulation of materials within the production area or insufficient availability of raw materials for production. The warehouse must promptly deal with all supply requests coming from the production line or for the processing of orders in general.

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An automated storage solution meets the following typical requirements:

reduced frequency of warehouse errors

quicker fulfilment of requests

warehousing of different products in a single space

reduced space for warehousing

A technological solution designed for the specific situation is the best way to offer all of the above and guarantee a significant competitive advantage. The challenge for our iMATION consultants is to identify the solution best suited for each business requirement, evaluating a set of possible alternatives with the goal of satisfying all current and future needs of the customer.


Designing a new automatic warehouse cannot be limited to the storage area, but must analyse and involve all connected activities, from procurement to production, storage and distribution. 


Implementation of the right automatic storage solution is an investment that benefits the entire company strategy and competitive position.


favicon cls Complete goods traceability

favicon cls Increased warehouse safety

favicon cls Greater quality-control efficiency

favicon cls Recovery of floor space taken up by equipment

favicon cls Quick return on investment

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