Marina Grosso

02 September 2021

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CLS iMation expands its portfolio of solutions for intralogistics automation

In-depth studies in technological innovations and targeted investments in new robotics and AI applications improve the range of solutions for optimising and automating intralogistics processes


CLS iMation, the CLS business unit responsible for Intelligent Solutions for Logistics Automation, announces the expansion of its portfolio of intelligent solutions and automated vehicles with upgrades and new integrations, which also stem from the recent acquisition of


By focusing on an increasingly comprehensive and specialised offer for consulting, commercialisation and assistance involving automatic systems, CLS continues to invest in, develop and deeply study new robots and AI applications for intralogistics. The aim is to enable customers to automate standardised and repetitive operations so that their workforce can be engaged in high value-added activities.


The solutions developed by CLS iMation stem from the studies and the optimised management of intralogistics: from the automation of mechanical, management and information technology processes, the portfolio of solutions covers the automation of any type of process. The CLS iMation specialists rely on data analysis when focusing on data-driven design, extracting valuable information from the customer’s data in order to guarantee the correct sizing and optimal management of systems and flows. Moreover, analytical modelling is applied to size each system on the basis of numerical models developed specifically for validating and testing the identified solutions, by proposing modular, scalable and flexible solutions that can integrate with one another.


From automatic warehouses capable of satisfying procurement requests in a timely manner while reducing management errors, to Agilox intelligent guided vehicles, which are capable of communicating directly with production systems and machines located on the production chain without overly altering the existing architecture, up to the interaction with COBOTs, the collaborative robots used for automating activities that are increasingly precise but with low value-added, CLS iMation is able to provide support to any industrial context, also thanks to automated guided forklift trucks equipped with a magnetic guidance or mapping system (SLAM) and LGVs for full end-of-line automation. The comprehensive offer is completed by the innovative iDAC (CLS Advanced Digital Integration) system, which is able to control the operation of machines in logistics processes, while guaranteeing the optimisation of industrial processes.


Thanks to the full integration between the application solutions of and CLS iMation automation systems (AGVs, IGVs, robot systems, automatic warehouses, palletisation and depalletisation systems, etc.), even more solutions are available so that machines and operators can cooperate in a synchronised and safe manner by following a strategy geared towards maximising flexibility, scalability and modularity. The LOG iN application suite by can be used to implement a progressive digitalisation process that will be integrated with the information systems already used within the company.


“By relying on ongoing innovation in the organisation of logistics, CLS offers integrated turnkey solutions to help companies grasp all the opportunities that technology can offer. CLS iMation is aware that customers do not merely require machines, but have specific needs regarding the interaction between the machines themselves, the management of flows and the coordination of the various devices. For this reason, CLS provides cutting-edge, competitive and highly customisable technological solutions, guaranteeing their installation and commissioning within a set timeframe. We develop dashboards and other tools for interfacing and ongoing monitoring of the system’s KPIs in order to offer tangible competitive value”, said Michele Calabrese, iMation Business Unit Manager.

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