Next generation. From AGVs to IGVs

The combination of sophisticated software and mobile robotics for the new generation of IGVs – Intelligent Guided Vehicles.


 The team of experts at AGILOX Services GmbH, harnessing its many years of experience, has combined all the instruments

in current supply chain management with the most powerful opportunities in the field of automation and information technology.

In 2017, they developed a compact IGV providing a wide range of economic benefits for intralogistics.


Cutting-edge technology ensures maximum flexibility in improving intralogistic processes:

a revolutionary handling concept allowing 360° rotation.


The system does not require further infrastructure and operates 24 hours a day,

365 days a year, thus increasing plant productivity in both large-scale industries and SMEs.


From AGVs to IGVs. The new generation of intelligent guided vehicles.


Agilox is the first and only Intelligent Guided Vehicle for the horizontal handling of goods.

Agilox is movement. AGILOX is innovation. AGILOX is automation.

Why choose Agilox?


Greatly reduced start-up times. Designed for integration with company IT systems and existing automation. Does not require complex infrastructure.


Control system integrated into the vehicle. Autonomous decision making. Automatic definition of best route.


All electric, no oil. Compact and slimline, for all applications in limited spaces. User-friendly light and acoustic signals built in for safety and communication. Design with low psychological impact: stylised human figure.


360° coverage. Two 2D laser scanners at foot level. Ultrasound sensors on ends of forks and between forks. Can be equipped with 3D scanner for identification of overhanging obstacles. Redundant safety control system.


Positioning based on surroundings, without fixed reference points. 360° 2D laser scanner. Automatic acquisition of environmental map. Navigation around obstacles. Identification of pallets and alignment correction. Positioning precision of ±2 mm.


Steering and traction with 4 independent patented drive units. 360° rotation on itself. Minimum rotation space 1950 mm. Horizontal movement in any direction. Maximum speed 1.4 m/s.


Automatically load and unload machines

Automate transport from warehouse to assembly lines

Transport material from warehouse to collection areas

Automatically load and unload machines

Prepare loading queues in front of bays

Create, automate and manage intermediate buffers

Automate pallet movement

Feed production lines


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